Hi everyone! I'm having some trouble setting up a Varian ProStar 325 UV/Vis detector, which is connected to two PS210 pumps. The main problem is that the detector is not recognised as online when I try to gain control of it (i.e. turning on the lamps). Also an error message always shows up at the start:

Module 325.44: Error Code: 9064
Module 325.44: Driver Upgrade Required For Firmware Version 2.06
Module 325.44:Driver Upgrade Required
Module 325.44: Module has disconnected
Module 325.44: Close Workstation Before Upgrading

My understanding of this error is that firmware version has been updated in this machine, but the Star WS is not able to communicate with the detector. Does anyone know if it is possible to downgrade the firmware? Does anyone own an older firware eventually?

Thanks in advance!