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Hello All,

I'm new to the GC world and have been tasked with purchasing a refurbished GC (HP6890 to be precise). I was wondering if anyone had any experience/input on the following companies?:

Pace Analytical
Conquer Scientific (best quote so far)
Spectra Labs

I had an absolutely horrible experience with the last refurbishment company I went through and am trying to avoid a repeat performance... Any input on quality of work, support, meeting expectations, etc would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!
We've been happy with Quantum Analytics for refurished Agilent stuff, full warranty.
I have bought instruments from two of the vendors on your list, Pace Analytical and Spectralab Scientific. Both of them gave me good deals on quality equipment.

One thing I didn't like about Spectralab Scientific is that they didn't give me instrument software disks, thus setting me up for a large bill when the instrument's workstation fails/is replaced. Yes, I should have made sure that they were included, caveat emptor, etc., but a software license and installation media had been included in all of my previous purchases from other vendors (including Pace Analytical) so I didn't think to ask. In contrast I have nothing but good things to say about Pace Analytical and would buy from them again.
We have bought our used GCs through GenTech Scientific, they have been very helpful with setup and repair.
Bought three new GCs through Quantum, good discount off Agilent but questionable service.
Bought 2 ASEs through Conquer, good price and no problems.
Also have bought from American Laboratory Trading.

Good luck!
I bought a 6890GC-5973MSD from Gentech. Very good experience. I don't even want to talk about what happened when I tried purchasing a system off Labx previously.
Thank you for all the great replies!!! I really appreciate your input. Still working through the final configuration/quotes. Hopefully all goes well. Just got through with a horrid experience with Harlow Scientific (ended up having to get refunded for equipment we waited over 4 months for and put 70% down on!). Trying to never go down a path like that again!
If you were in the UK, I would say...ME...
The main issue with 6890s is the cost of the EPC inlet and detector units, make sure you have a decent warranty. Also specify what you want e.g. inlet and detectors. If you are not sure the company should have reasonably experienced people who can direct you as to your needs. Also if possible go for network rather than HPIB so that's a 6890N or am upgraded 6890plus or 6890A.

Hope that helps.
Thanks LcBob. I'm looking at only A+ and N units right now for the reason you stated. I'm new to GC, but luckily have a great resource in a lab we work closely with, and they have been giving me pretty good guidance thus far. Hoping to get this wrapped up soon so we can get to using a GC instead of talking about it. :)

Thanks again!
Agilent is phasing out support for HPIB units. Chemstation MSD D is the last version that will support HPIB so you are stuck with Windows XP. I'm not sure about Chemstation LCGC. I'd buy the N. IT was insisitent that we phase out XP for Windows 7.
hello, we are intended to buy an autosampler refurbished by gentech...somebody can tell us any references about gentech?...we are from Argentina and we dont have any references about this company...any references?

Thank you.
As I stated I had a very good experience ordering an old GC/MS from them for Plant Quality Control to use for simple raw material checks.
MSCHemist wrote:
As I stated I had a very good experience ordering an old GC/MS from them for Plant Quality Control to use for simple raw material checks.

thanks for your opinion

My name is Alfonso Madrigal and I work for Advanced Analytical Systems. We specifically provide laboratory support services, such as laboratory instrumentation sales and servicing, monthly maintenance plans including on-site and remote access, troubleshooting and complete instrument repairs, as well as our method development or even our custom laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

AAS specializes in servicing current and older instruments of Varian/Bruker, HP/Agilent, Shimadzu, SRI, and Antek. Our on-site services vary from weekly, monthly and yearly. Additionally, we provide exceptional operator training that improves relations between users and advanced software.

If you have any needs in regard to your laboratory, gas chromatographs, software, or any instrumentation at all, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

We can provide references of work we've done with clients we have had for over 10 years.
Thank you,

Alfonso Madrigal

P: (562) 852-6071
E: amadrigal@aasystems.com
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