Maybe someone has found this problem before.

The GC is a Varian 3900 and the software is Star Chromatography Workstation 6.41
It seems that everything is ok: Column, injector and detector are ready (no fault). Temperatures all green (135-200-200). Pressure ok (3.2 psi). The method has been usually used in this GC for two years with no problems.
But suddenly it never gets ready, equilibration never ends (never gets ready to inject).
We have double check everything and all seems to be ok.

In addition to this, we have tried to see if doing an injection it works, and it does but there is a warning message:
Module 39XL.44: Unable to begin saving raw data file
Module 39XL.44: 39XL sent BEGINRUN packet out of sequence: 0

So the GC can run the sample but it doesn't save any data.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

If anymore detail is needed please ask.

Any suggestion would be welcome.

Thank you.