Upcoming Webinar
Food for Mass Spec Thought in the Applied Markets
When: 28 September, 2016
By: Phil Wylie, Joan Stevens, Melissa Churley & Elizabeth Almasi
Today’s analytical laboratories must increase productivity and elevate information content, while reducing cost and maintaining data quality. The presentations will focus on increasing GC/MS based analysis efficiency and delivering consistent quality results by showcasing automated GC/MS maintenance, simplified sample preparation and how to expertly mine the information rich data.
JetClean: outsource cleaning chores to technology
The JetClean Self-cleaning ion source offers automated cleaning process of SQ and TQ GC/MS systems and results of significant timesaving and convenience in measurements in the food, environmental, material and other markets.
Breaking Bad: change lab habits with more ions
The high sensitivity the Agilent 7010 system gives you options in your workflow: affording simplified sample preparation and reduced inlet maintenance.
Can a wine connoisseur benefit from accurate mass?
The volatile profile of 15 Pinot noir wines from different vineyards was analyzed by HS-SPME coupled to a GC/Q-TOF. The grape genetics and fermentation conditions were controlled in an attempt to differentiate the wines based on soil and microclimate.

What Will You Learn?
Attendees will gain insight into technology and workflow based analysis solutions to improve productivity and deliver consistent results.

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