Our lab has an Autosystem XL with a Turbomass MS. This version of the MS connects with an ethernet cable. The XP computer running it died, so I replaced the computer (modern hardware running XP). I cloned the hard drive from the old computer to the new ones, and ended up having to "repair" WinXP to get it to boot on the new hardware. The Turbomass 5.4 installation from the old computer was basically transferred to the new one through this process.

When I launch Turbomass now, it says the MS is not connected and runs in standalone mode. I can control the GC through the COM port, but I can't connect to the MS via ethernet. My computer has the IP, the subnet is, and if I ping the MS at I get responses in under 1 ms. The hosts file is also cloned from the old computer.

What could be causing this issue? Does anyone have a document of pre-installation tasks for Turbomass so I can make sure all my Windows settings are correct?