Hi all,

I've been looking around the forums and haven't seen enough to build an answer to this question on my own yet.

I'm running a Dionex ICS-5000+ with Chromeleon 7.2. The software is running on Windows 7.

I'm looking for a way to schedule a daily "safety" shutdown sequence. Since this instrument is air-gapped there's no way to access it from another computer and from time to time an analyst forgets to shut off the pumps and runs everything dry.

We manually inject all our samples, so it looks like adding a program to the sequence of injections is probably not going to work. I would like to add a nightly check to shut down the pumps if they're on, turn off the temperature controller, shut off the suppressor, etc.

Is this possible with the software?
Is there a Chromeleon command line to accept external commands?