I report system suitability on several methods and tend to keep the peak tables basic and to the point- group by peak name, or add an RSD, Mean function at the end of a set of injections area, also USP Tailing and Signal to Noise of a component.

Now my boss wants all the associated data like Result ID, Processing Method ID, Date Acquired, Integration Type, Injection ID, Manual, Processing Locked, Codes, Date Processed, Channel ID etc as well as the pertinent data but when I add these to my tables they start to wrap and are very sore on the eye, big long tables when only the relevant data like RSD of areas etc is lost amongst all the extras.

Is there a way to just have one table at the end (maybe order by Samplename or Injection) with all that data so you want like Result ID etc connected to each sample? Any help with default report methods for this?