analytical method for the quantitative analysis of Emodin.

Basic questions from students; resources for projects and reports.

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Need advice on whether gc or hplc should be used. And help on sample preparation, and mobile phase to be used.
The product is in a oil dosage form so how do i go about it?
GC is only useful if the molecule is volatile and detectable (FID, TCD, ECD, MS).

HPLC is only useful if the molecule is soluble and detectable (RI, UV, DAD/PDA, PAD, ELSD, CAD, MS).

The other questions are what molecular target, what sample matrix, and what concentration (these will determine the appropriate instrument).
HPLC equipped with a DAD/PDA! Why reinvent the wheel.
Mind you I would try a 5 cm C18 column 1st. Proper baseline separation depends on the sample matrix, but I doubt your dietary supplement will be more challenging than a plant!

I agree with HPLC Chemist...for GC, derivatization is required for Emodin. Why bother if you do not have to?
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