I never used one quite that old, but when I first started here in the lab we were running the HP RTE-A mini computer for the 5995 and 5970 mass specs and later fed the data from the integrators from the 5890s into it so we could produce the EPA-CLP data packages.

The first PC attached to a mass spec we had was a 386 attached to a 5971 running W3.11 and chemstation. We had it set to quant the samples at the end of each run and the GC would actually cool back down to 35C before the computer could calculate results for a method with 36 compounds. The we got the first Pentium II and I kept waiting for it to quant and realized it was doing it so fast I missed it scroll the results through at the bottom of the window.

Now days I have people I train who are not even patient enough to wait for a result that appears immediately when you click OK.