Selling an Agilent 7890A GC with the following options:

G3440A - Agilent 7890A Series GC Custom, Lan interface, 7693 interface, 20-ramp oven programming, 6 heated zones, 2 analog out, pressure setopint to 0,001psi

G3440A-211 - FID w/EPC for capillary column only

G3440A-210 - FID w/EPC for packed & capillary column

G3440A-112 - Capillary S/SI inlet with EPC

G3440A-102 - Packed inlet with EPC and septum purge

G3440A-306 - Oven exhaust deflector

G4513A - 7693A Autoinjector including transfer turret, 16 sample turret, mounting post, parking post for GC, 10uL syringe and solvent bottles.

G4514A - 7693 Tray, 150 vial including three removable 50 vial racks and GC mounting bracket.

B0705MTL - PC HP 600 G2
M8408AA-402 - Chemstation b.04.03

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