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Hi ,

what is problem here with Empower processing
In message centre : Couldn't fetch Method set ... Processing aborted

Checked method set , processing method , alter sample etc but nothing obvious

Much appreciated
Hi ,

Points worth considering maybe after some research , though still no solution :

If no results are generated after processing, this can have many causes. a list of common causes can be found here:

Tablespace is no longer enough
Influence of the project lock status on the possibility to process data –
Missing Method Sets in the Sample Set, also for functional lines
Missing Instrument Method in Method Set / Clear Calibration line Do not Process or Report in the function lines of the SampleSet
Channels are locked
Calibrate Only function during processing
Clear Calibration on Derived Channels
Tablespace is a very common cause of this- have you checked how much is left in the project? Other causes include raw data space too- that can shoot up when you use a lot of intersample summary custom fields across lots of peaks, so check for that.

It can also be a disconnection issue with the Lace.

Is it a PDA instrument and you acquired samples with a non-PDA processing method?
Cheers for info

Tablespace is fine and has plenty MB free

I thought it could be something to do with LACE box , but why ?
Once sample set ran and processed this is all on the server yes?
This issue is on GC system and LC/DAD .. sorry should of mentioned that earlier :)
do you process as "use acquisition method set" and/or "use specified method set"?

does it work with the latter or none of them?

from the error message it seems to me, that the desired method set doesn't fit the data/system anymore. Maybe there was a change somewhere.
Maybe also review the method histories of the method set and instrument method. Maybe also check the chromatographic system configuration, if there was a change or if the right one is "online"

Just guesses, never had this error myself
Hi ,

we use specified method set

no changes from what I can see

not sure what the problem is but thanks for reply
What kind of instrument was this data collected on? (LC? GC? brand & model?)

Data collected on :
Agilent GC (7890 series)
Agilent Headspace sampler
(7697A series)
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