I have a THF layer of Boronic acid. This is DIfluoro Boronic acid. I am analyzing it on HPLC. I have dissolve it in THF and made up with ACN and water combination up to 100ml. I have prepared it in 200 ppm level. Now the question is that we got incorrect AI as per synthesis team. I m not sure that how much they r true. But I want to know that is there is any specific method to analyze Difluoro Boronic acid. I also analyze it on GC with Pinacol derivatization but in bot of cases I did not found any unknown's rather than Boronic acid peak.

How can I get right analysis on HPLC for this difluoro Boronic Acid???
I m using Acquity BEH C-18 column, 100 x 2.1mm ID and 1.7µm
ACN : Water (0.085% H3PO4) : : 28 : 72
Wavelength : 210nm
Injection Qty : 1.0µl