Hello everyone,
we have a Perkin Elmer Series 200 HPLC (autosampler, quaternary pump, DAD detector).
The problem is: after creating a Quick method in TotalChrom the status appeared to be working correctly (the system is ready), then I start the run of the sequence. When the first sample is injected, the LC system goes to Post Run conditions (with ACQ: spectra, I/F: spectra, CMD: none, Pump: ready, A/S: ready) and the status stays in Post Run for an extended amount of time and data acquisition displays that it is currently writing the Spectral Data. The chromatogram of the first sample is acquired by the system but not the spectrum, and I can't inject the other samples because the HPLC remains stuck in the post-run condition. In addition, the user can pause the run of the sequence and stop the pump but can't cancel a run or clear the setup.
How can I unlock the system so that it acquires the spectrum of the first sample and injects the other samples in the sequence with the autosampler?

Thank you