Hi community!,

I was recently asked to "revive" an old HPLC Jasco, model/s:

- Pump PU-2080 Plus
- Sampler AS-2051 Plus. Serial No. A005560998
- Detector Uv-2075 Plus. Serial No.B140760866
- Detector FP-2020 Plus. Serial No. B086660869

We also have the original ChromPass-Chromatography Data System software. Our main problem is that PC does not connect with the LC-Net; They are only connected via Ethernet cable, and there is no possibility of connecting via SCSI, since no HPLC module has an integrated SCSI card. I have been able to install the software on my PC (Windows XP 32-bit) with no problems but i cannot find the way to connect it to the HPLC. Could you please help me?