I am running Chromeleon 7 on a Dionex HPLC using a Shodex 101 RI detector. During runs I am seeing error message pop up in my audit trail that say, "Detector has lost data acquisition." This will occur multiple times during the same run. However, the chromatogram generated seems to not be affected as peaks appear with correct retention times. I have noticed a drastic increase in variability between replicate samples since the error message began showing up. Sometimes as great as a 50% reduction in peak area will occur for the same sample injected one after another from the same vial. I have scoured the internet for this error message but haven't been able to come up with anything. I am not sure that this is the root of my problem, but regardless I have not been able to prevent the message from occurring.

My thought on the peak area variability is either the detector has issues or my autosampler (Ultimate 3000 autosampler) is not accurately injecting my 10 uL sample. Peak shapes and retention times are unaffected between runs. Temperature and pressure is always maintained throughout the runs.