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Fuels derived from biological sources are now a cornerstone in the drive to convert society’s energy needs from hydrocarbons to renewables. These biofuels are made from a wide variety of renewable feedstocks resulting in a more diverse type of fuel. However, biofuels must still work within the current transportation, heating, and energy generation infrastructure where petroleum fuels are still prevalent. As a result, biofuels must meet specifications and quality standards set forth by industry and government organizations.

Several gas chromatographic (GC) methods have been developed to help producers and users of biofuels meet these specifications. This seminar presents solutions built on Agilent’s Smart Gas Chromatographic instruments. Analysis of several classes of biofuel samples demonstrate the performance of these solutions in meeting the requirement of industry standard methods.

By watching this presentation you will learn:

    - How to meet and exceed industry standards with examples for biofuels analysis
    - Techniques for conserving lab resources, including helium savings
    - About solutions for testing biofuels

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