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The helium supply chain crisis has negative implications on research and laboratory operations worldwide. Helium rationing, delayed deliveries and price increases still cause difficulty in production planning and uncertainty in instrument productive uptime. This affects laboratory productivity and this expert discussion shares insights on optimum use and the selection of carrier gas.

By watching this expert discussion you will learn about:

- carrier gas choices for GC
- benefits and limitations of using hydrogen versus helium
- benefits of gas generators versus other gas sources
- what is involved in converting from helium to hydrogen in the laboratory
- user benefits that can be realized, particularly with respect to cost savings, using new GC instruments
- innovative solutions that can be expected in GC in the future

The expert panel comprises:
- Daniela Cavagnino (Global Product Marketing Manager GC and Autosamplers, Thermo Fisher Scientific)
- Ian Parry (Global Product Manager, Gas Chromatography, Thermo Fisher Scientific)
- Ed Connor (Product Manager, PEAK Scientific)

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