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Are there any other companies that manufacture Hydrocarbon Group Type Analysis, except PAC that manufactures Reformulyzer M4, to comply with ASTM D5443, ASTM D6839, IP 566, EN ISO 22854, SH/T 0741, GB/T 28768-2012, GOST R EN ISO 22854?

Many thanks in advance.
I think that a Reformulyzer is a PAC controls description and that a Piona analyser is the description used by its competitors.

http://www.gassite.com/PIONA+analyser Interscience
Bruker took over the Varian Piona and that has now moved on again . Assume the system is still available ?
The reformulyzer is made by Analytical controls & sold via PAC. There are no other systems that use this complicated approach (7 columns in total) but there are alternatives.

High resolution GC has been used here for decades to carry out 'Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis' of gasoline & naphtha etc. but needs a lot of setting up & vast experience, to keep it running well... There are a wide range of methods using this approach either with FID or MS detection D6730 (using a 100m capillary with a tuning column) is one of the more recent methods.

GC-VUV appears to be a simple approach that is coming to the fore. It's approved methods are D8071, D8267, D8368 & D8369, between them they should cover what you need.
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