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Helo! I need to generate the chromatogram of my analysis in excel, but I don't think how to extract the raw data from the chromatogram in the Totalchrom software. Anyone know how to do? In this .csv file I need to have the column of time and signal strength. Like the example of the image that is in the link below.
I've only used Excel to play with results from the peak report (after creating an ascii version of the report) but have had to share traces with other chromatography data systems as well - converting the data to AIA format works best for this. There may be other formats available that would be suitable for excel.
Select the 'Apps' menu for TC navigator then pick 'Convert' - I suspect the TC to ASCII option employed for the RAW files might be your solution, but there are several others listed under the 'convert' drop down as well.

IIRC the bulk of the RAW file is just the average height for each successive area slice so it should be relatively easy to read in excel once you find out how longer the file header is.
That is one of functions of our UniChrom.
File / Open -> Text file (*.txt)
Select appropriate decimal separator and field delimiter.

Or you can open Totalchrom file directly
File / Open -> Perkin-Elmer Nelson Totalchrom chromatography file (*.raw)
or any other supported format

Or you can feed online instrument driver with text data from your acquisition device:
Like company did.

Or "haut pilotage"
Process / Library -> Spectrum normalization
Either converts existing chromatogram with integrated peaks into one filled with ideal Gauss peaks with same area and intensity.
Or you can draw chromatogram. Enter peak area, halfwidth, height - and you can get signal filled
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