Hello all,

I have a mystery that I can't figure out. We recently purchased a new Agilent 8890 (dual FID detectors) and purchased the OpenLAB version of "Chemstation" as the software. I'll admit, I'm not incredibly familiar with this software, but I know that what we're seeing is... abnormal.

Initially, the instrument was running fine. We created a "sequence template" since the way we run samples doesn't change from day to day, so the only thing that needs to be updated in the sequence daily are the sample names.

Anyway, very recently, the sequence of 20 or so samples, will seemingly run fine, only to find out that the acquisition method cut off (and stopped acquiring data) on positions 6&56 (again, this is dual-injection, so this is technically, one injection "event").

At first we thought it may be a fluke, but now it happens day after day (happended three days in a row at the same spot). I've gone through and verified that the method loaded for that sample position is the same as the rest of the sequence (no other method loaded by accident) and that checks out fine. It also isn't as if the FID goes out or anything either-- the software just decides to cut the run short (no helpful info in the LOG file either)

Has anyone else ever encountered a strange glitch like this with this software?

I've built a new sequence from default and am testing that now, but even if that does fix it, I'm wondering why this happened in the first place (and if there is a way to prevent it in the future)

If anyone has experience with something similar and/or has any insight on what might cause this, it would be greatly appreciated.