Hello! I am an undergraduate student researcher and my team and I are having issues with our perkin elmer 2400 elemental analyzer. We have been running a series of ~ 8-10% carbon samples as part of our project, but our work has been put to a stop due to error ridden values. We consistently replace combustion and reduction chambers on time, and purge the gas lines as required, but our zero read measurements have been continuously increasing. The manual we have been using lists appropriate zero read values for our conditioner (Acetanilide) should be around 30000, but have consistently gone up over our series of runs and is now over 200000. The data collected for carbon percentages while the zero read was at 180000-190000 were still similar to expected values, but have been either far too low or negative recently. We believe that the high zero read is related to this, and are hoping for suggestions about how to solve this problem. Thank you!

PS, our machine passes leak tests and is operating normally otherwise.