Join our webinar to hear Prof. Bernhard Küster (Professor and Chair of Proteomics, Technical University Munich) discuss:

    discuss the place of nanoLC-MS and microLC-MS techniques in proteomics
    show the advantages of micro-flow LC-MS for high-throughput analysis of body fluids and cell lysates
    describe the results of long-term microLC-MS robustness testing
    provide practical hints on MS parameters optimization for deep single-shot micro-flow LC-MS proteome analysis with DDA and DIA acquisition
    present the advantages of microLC FAIMS MS/MS analysis

By attending the presentation you will learn:

    advantages and limitations of microLC and nanoLC for protein analysis
    optimal micro-flow LC-MS setup, LC and MS acquisition conditions for proteome profiling
    single shot and high-throughput fractionation workflows for profiling of thousands of proteomes

To register for this free event click on the link below: ... w-lc-ms/ms