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We're using MSD Chemstation E02.02.1431

After Qediting a file, it is saved with any manual integrations that we've done. If I want to see what the original integration looked like, I need to Calculate/Generate report with the original method loaded. Doing that erases all the manual integrations.

Is there a simple way to have access to both the original and manual integrations?

I could duplicate each file manually in File Explorer and only Qedit one of them, but that seems annoying.

I could make a second method "[runmethodname]Qedit" or something. But that would be clunky and I'd be concerned about both methods always being identical.

I have Chemstation set not to do any reports after running samples, because there seemed to be communication issues that would cause everything to stop after one sample (there'd be a count timer that never stopped going up on the bottom task bar).
I think you listed all the ways, copying the sequence folder is probably the easiest.

I've never worked anywhere where you don't already print before/after reports for manual integrations.
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