Hello everyone,

I'm new at the forum (in chromatography too) and i'm finding a lot of things very useful here... So a want to thank you all for supporting this community.

Straight to the point my question is: There is a way to set up Chromeleon 7 to calculate the sample direct to %?

In my calibration sheet i input the values in ppm and use peak area to calculate the sample content in ppm.

For example: Weighting 0,5000 g and dilute it to 500 mL plus taking an aliquot of 10 mL from that solution and volume up to 100 mL. That solution has sample concentration of 100 ppm. Supposing the calibration curve return 99,5 ppm from that solution the content should be 99,5% right? (99,5 ppm / 100 ppm)

I record my data in a excel sheet for that but would be better if Chromeleon calculate that. My intention is to input this information in Chromeleon Report Design for a customized report.

I'm not used to write in English so forgive if there is any mistake (i tried to make it clear as possible)

Thanks for the attention.