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In order to meet the TNI requirements for 8260, and 624; we have to run 12 sets of PT samples twice a year (you have to pass for each matrix and each compound). This is costly, time consuming and in my opinion not necessary. If you are able to successfully analyze one PT sample of a representative compounds of interest, then that should satisfy the requirement. I like to know what to you think.
That is one argument for going to ISO, one PT per year rather than two.
Yeah, that sounds a bit excessive. If you pass for benzene in wastewater, I think you're good for drinking water, etc. My gripe is that you have to hit certain detection limits regardless of whether you ever need to do that in your actual projects. I've seen PTs help to shine a spotlight on areas we could improve, but I've also been frustrated sometimes.

Depending on where you get them, I think the hardest part about passing tends to be filling out the stupid reporting sheets (lots of compounds with very similar names written in a small font in an unhelpful order). The worst was when the analyst messed up their addition... m,p-Xylene was reported right, o-Xylene was reported right, but the combination had an extra zero appended to the end of the result. :roll: I mean, how do you write up a "corrective action" for that?

I think TNI/NELAC has some good resources, and I understand they have a difficult task. There are probably rules that look stupid to me but would make sense if I knew more. I assume everyone there is well intentioned. But I'd be interested in knowing more about what incentives and interests the different stakeholders in TNI/NELAC have. Not just for people selling PTs or columns or inspections/certifications or whatever. If you're a Big Rich Analytical Lab and you get to vote on whether all labs should be required to do X annoying hoop-jumping thing that you have the staff and equipment to do but small competitors might not)... well that might tilt your perspective a little.

[Edit - I should add that I don't know if anyone actually stands to sell more stuff depending on what kind of standards TNI comes up with. I'm not trying to accuse anybody of anything.]
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