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Where is everyone getting their chemicals, consumables and general lab stuff ? I am working in Botswana, and the supply chains (which were never the best anyway) have unravelled completely; an ordinary chemical that I ordered in January arrived this afternoon, huge numbers of items that Merck sells are on back order, and Fisher Scientific has stopped replying to e-mails. Occasionally I buy from China, but payments can be a nightmare and the shipping (by Fedex) is hopelessly eratic.

Is there a supplier that ships to Africa, holds stock, and doesn't take months to deliver ?

Thanks, Peter
Peter Apps
Glad that I'm retired !!!
I wish I could help, but we have the same delays here in USA, even from Fisher, Sigma Aldrich and others.

Took me 6 months to get an order of plastic pipette tips, and just try to get Diazald for Herbicide derivitization.
The past is there to guide us into the future, not to dwell in.
Even items as simple as 20 mL headspace vials are impossible to get in the US. We ordered some in March and they still haven't arrived.
So it's not just me. I suppose there is some comfort in that.

Peter Apps
James_Ball wrote:
I wish I could help, but we have the same delays here in USA, even from Fisher, Sigma Aldrich and others.

My pointy-haired boss would've accused such as being my fault.

Chromatography computer software issues were also "my fault" like I drove the mouse incorrectly....
It has been very difficult and we were forced to look for other suppliers. We have found some independent suppliers and some of them have better pricing than Fisher or VWR. The shipping cost is another issue, so we are ordering more bulk supplies to reduce our cost per item. For example, we found Globe scientific and Bioland scientific for pipette tips. Also, we found some generic brand of chemicals are as good as brand chemicals. We were waiting for 4 months for a brand Sodium hydroxide pellets; when I contacted VWR; they offered their own brand which was in stock at 1/2 price of the brand name with the same quality. I wished they had offered this to us much sooner but I guess this is the price we had to pay for ordering on line.
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