This isn't a interest, nor hobby, its whats happening to the food supply.
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How would these engineered nanomaterials, ENM’s be detected and possibly filtered out, as this seems to be a focus on chromatography and its application in the near future.

Following documents state that nano technologies are already in use for muliple applications in food
with many risks of toxicity without the public's consent.

Documents state that possible immunoresponse, accumulation in brain and organs and bones, as well as genotoxicity, and many other possible risks and toxicology of nanoparticles. Described as Engineered Nanomaterials, and ultrafine particles which is an apparent industry pollution that
is becoming more prevalent.

In the following documents are sections with toxicity titled if documents are too hard to follow or navigate.

in Importance and health hazards of nanoparticles
used in the food industry

section 4-7 is about the toxicity. ... -0076/html

in Engineered Nanomaterials in Food: Implications for Food Safety and
Consumer Health

section 4 is also about toxicity.

Nanotechnology in the food sector and potential applications for
the poultry industry

section 11 ... 4417303448